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free stuff
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chocolate pudding

FREE Hot Chocolate pudding & ice cream served every evening, every night of the year @ 8pm

FREE all you can eat breakfast from May - October.


FREE bikes for exploring.


FREE & unlimited WiFi.

Guest phone with NO phone charge surcharges meaning cheap international calls and free local calls.


Buses drop-off and pick up from outside our hostel or otherwise we will pickup when possible.


Guitar & music book, Great sounds playing.

log fire

Warm, sunny hostel with log fire and heaters in all rooms.

log fire

Fully equipped kitchen and spacious comfy lounge area

local advice

Best advice from the locals


Flickr Gallery

call free

big howdy

“We run Tasman Bay Backpackers in Nelson - a truly beautiful and exhilirating region in New Zealand. We like to think our Hostel might be like your favourite café - a place where you are totally relaxed and comfortable. There is good music playing, the people are friendly and the atmosphere is just right. A place which feels good to be in, a place where you might have a coffee, a glass of wine, play a game and have a few laughs. A place which you remember and want to go back to.”


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Try before you buy......now that seems like a great idea. sodddss

Take a tour round the hostel to get a feel for what its like.


Ubike youtube video - Homepage

Grab a bike off UBike, Nelson's exceptional cycle hire operation and go exploring - to the beach, up the river, into town...

We have a great range of modern, reliable and high quality bikes - from mountain through to city bikes. ... .. We’ll set you up with all you need - helmets, maps and info on all our great rides, plus the locals tips on all the “must do” things to see and do while you’re out and about.
For more info on some great local trails and rides click here

Listen to our Kiwi music playlist on Spotify